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Posted on: September 11, 2008

I’m really digging the new layout of my blog. Pretty simple and sweet which really reflects my current mood at the moment. Today is my last day working of my summer internship and Thus far, I really enjoyed it very much. That is why there was lack of update for the past few weeks but nevermind šŸ™‚

Never knew that working may need alot of mental power and determination! It was hard for me at first as I’m the kind of person who would get bored easily if I do some of the work over and overrrr again. But I manage to get over it. After the last couple of weeks working in the company, I finally had the sense of belonging to the company with my contributions. The workload was well worth it I tell you and I learn so much that really help to develop skills not only benefit myself as being a future geologist but it also develop my personality and inner self to be a better and wise person. There were no regrets of choosing to work at the company for this SUMMER 2008. And as I mentioned before, working here really opens up my eyes and this is what I want to see myself working once I graduated from University.

But for now, I need to score BIG time for my degree so that I can be a reliable and knowledgeable geologist in the future. So my fellow readers, Learn if you still have the tendency to do it! and STOP when you already fed up of learning. Who knows, I might continue my studies up to PhD… but time will only tell.

Ooh Ooh. I forgot to wish all of my muslim readers outthere “Happy Fasting!“.

*sigh* well thats that. Had my presentation a few minutes ago and I’m glad to know that they really like it. Although there were a couple of things that I need to polish but Its not bad when its done at the last minute.

That is one thing I need to get rid out of my system and start working on things in advance. Haven’t started doing any work for my mapping which I should be starting tomorrrroooowww.

As for now, I wonder what I should cook for Sungkai later.. hmmmmm

till then

Take Care


2 Responses to "11-09-2008"

Nice clean layout.. hmmm. I waiting for you to cook for me sungkai…

Haha patience uncle Pablo. Will totally try and do it this weekend or next week. šŸ™‚

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