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I’m bloated

Posted on: September 14, 2008

These past two days, I have been stuffing myself with buffet foods. When it comes to buffet, there are no restrictions at all! It’s an ‘all you can eat’ feast. Have to say, although we’re coming into the 2 week of ramadhan, I can still count how many times I’ve eaten outside = 4.

Among the 4 restaurants that I have eaten, in my opinion Rizqun Coffee House really takes the cake for being the best in the quality of food and choice wise. I don’t really fancy eating much of rice nowadays but there were a handful of choices that I can still enjoy eating at the place without having to involve rice in it. The Bergedel and Hati Buyah are to die for at the Indonesian/malay food counter! They also served roast lamb and beef were an added star to the restaurant. It tastes so heavenly when you eat the lamb/beef with its assorted sauce and POPPADUMS! I know its a weird combo but I tell you I enjoy the crunchy and soft tenderly goodness going through my mouth. HAHA  Oh oh! They even have a satay counter! It is one of the best ones I had so far, even the Ketupats and Satay Sauce is very delicious and easy to blend in together.

Empire Hotel never fails to serve one of the best pasties and desserts around in Brunei. The Kueh Batik and All of those chocolatey goodness cakes really set me up to 7th heaven. It was really that good until I had a couple of rounds of the cakes. Their starters were not so bad as well. I like the whole combination of authentic salads leafs (*like rockets!) and cous cous with a drizzle of french dressing was enough to satisfy me as my first meal! Hehe

Haha as you can see, I really enjoy my food and I can tell good food when I taste one! 🙂 Sorry there aren’t any pictures of the food as most of us would be too busy enjoying our food! 😛

Everything what I’ve mentioned before were based on my honest opinion.

more to come . . . .


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